TrainSharp is a UK based cycle coaching company set up by Jon Sharples, together in partnership with Sean Yates their coaching strategies make for a formidable team.

As you can imagine they have many success stories where they have transformed beginners into top cyclosportive riders, helped juniors find pro team placements and good cyclists become even better than they thought they could become, as well as coaching many elite and professional individuals and teams.

The relationship between HMT Academy and Trainsharp is one with a goal to develop young riders and give them the tools that they need to become better bike riders and allow them to achieve their goals once they leave the team, whether that be to ride for a domestic pro team or in fact to be part of an u23 team on the continent. HMT Academy riders use SRM Power Cranks, provided  by Trainsharp to help them with their training. This allows coaches at Trainsharp HQ in Tunbridge Wells to monitor every aspect of the particular training set, whether that be power, heart rate, cadence as well as much more.

Trainsharp have also recently launched their talent programme for young riders looking to make it into the pro ranks. This programme is known as the Inspire Talent Programme and has been developed by the team at Trainsharp, which includes Jon Sharples and Sean Yates who between them have a wealth of experience in turning young, aspiring riders into professional cyclists.

If you would like to find out more about Trainsharp’s Inspire Talent Programme and whether you are eligible to be part of it, then you can follow the link below.

Inspire Talent Programme