Our vision

The vision behind the HMT Academy is provide junior riders with the professional support, guidance and racing environment that will allow them to maximise their health, racing ability and personal potential in order to progress to the next stage of their career as elite athletes.



The keystones of this approach are to:

• Promote and safeguard riders health and well being
• Develop and maximise physical fitness, capability and sporting potential
• Race to win cleanly and responsibly within a team environment
• Developing individual responsibility both as an elite athlete and as a member of society who may go on to become a role model to others
• Valuing and respecting themselves, team mates and team staff
• Gaining an understanding of the power, benefits and techniques of communication and marketing for themselves, teams and sponsors
• Having fun

In order to achieve these goals HMT has brought together a group of individual professionals and organisations who share its vision.

The environment of the team is that which a rider would expect to experience within the best professional teams.

The team will in 2015 race in within the UK and 5 European Countries both single day and stage events at National and UCI International level.

The HMT Academy will also provide an aspirational focus for diet, healthy weight maintenance and exercise, in particular for the young who we hope will follow the example of the elite athletes and establish the early habits of a good diet and regular exercise which will last a life time.

In addition to riders the HMT Academy will provide development opportunities to the next generation of race mechanics, carers, journalists and marketing/PR specialists.