Stage 3 of The Presidents Cup Stage Race in Poland saw Tim Torrie finish 4th on the stage from a 5 man breakaway, bolstering his General Classification standing, moving him into 5th overall(provisional), with just 1 stage remaining.

With high winds and a fairly flat course, it was expected that the race was going to break up from the outset, which is exactly what happened, right from the start. After the first lap, the peloton had been split into 3 main groups, mainly caused by the wind, but partly down to a huge crash in the first 15km.

With the Polish National Team setting the pace on the front, HMT Cycling Team riders had found safety in the first group on the road. Eventually the 2 front groups rejoined and the pace settled slightly, giving opportunity for several attacks to go, ultimately all being brought back. This process repeated each lap, with the peloton splitting and coming back together, until 2 laps to go when the front split of around 60 riders stayed clear.



Unfortunately at this point, Georg Mew Jenson and Jamie Ridehalgh found themselves caught in the 2nd group on the road, unable to rejoin the leaders.

Meanwhile attacks were being launched from the leading group, with HMT’s Kieran Hotson finding himself up the road in a chasing group. Tim Torrie was then able to bridge the gap between the peloton and Hotson’s group, before Kieran helped Tim join the leaders.

The leading group had now formed and would hold until the finish, made up of 5 riders including Torrie, working well together in the high winds until the final kms, when the sprint started to unfold. It was Dane, Martin Mollerup who took the stage win, with Torrie picking up 4th.

Stage 3 starts at 15:00(CEST) on Tuesday 2nd May, as always check out our twitter feed for live updates and of course our Youtube Channel for all the lastest content.

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