The 4th and final stage of La Coupe de President de la Ville de Grudziadz was another well contested stage, over 109.5km, making it the longest of the entire event. The riders completed 3 laps of a rolling 36km loop, which consisted of several long straights, making it difficult for an attack to stick. Tim Torrie finished the day securing his 5th on overall GC and HMT Cycling Team moved up to secure 3rd in the team classification.

After a very sedated first lap, the second lap may have come as a surprise to many of the riders in the race, as strong cross winds and a fast pace at the head of the peloton caused many splits throughout the main group.

Although it looked like this would influence the outcome of the race, it was not to be and by the time the riders crossed throughout the finish line from the 2nd time with 1 lap to go everything was all back together.



There were several other attacks on the final loop, 1 of which included 3 riders from HMT: Torrie, White and Turner. This was brought back into the peloton within a few km’s. By this point the race was in the last 10km and the team focussed on positioning in the final, to keep Torrie safe from any late crashes.

It was Pole, Kornel Klementowski who took the stage victory, with Georg Mew Jenson placing well in 9th.

A full result for the stage and GC can be found here.

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